Icon, Inland, Waveland Have You Been Sold These Illiquid Products?

Get Educated About What You Have Actually Been Sold

When it comes to your money, not having the right information to make decisions, could lead to disaster. If you have been sold these products by your advisor, you may already know what a disaster they are. The only way to make good decisions is to do your research, learn everything you can, and enlist experts to help you.

I have had so many people call me because they have been sold these products, or products like them, Genesis Drilling Program, Illiquid Real Estate Investment Trusts like Grubb Ellis, Carter Validus Mission Critical Reit, American Retail Capital Global Trust Reit. These Products you were sold are illiquid...You cannot get out of them.

We provide, free of charge or obligation, an analysis as to your situation, and can assist you in helping you to extract yourself from the situation you find yourself in.

Did you know that the person that sold you these products made thousands and thousands of dollars by selling them to you.