Using this 100 year old concept
(found on page 3) you could:

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Other topics covered in this special report:

Why paying cash is an absolute no-no… and so is leasing… and so is credit… and so is taking out loans — What’s left? The one thing that’s been around for over 100 years that if used over a lifetime can add over $347,642 to your retirement. (get the full explanation on page 9)
Which is better? An investment that can grow spectacularly? Or this stodgy one that safely plugs along? The answer will shock you…and make you smarter than the “experts” on TV and in the magazines. (see page 14)
The Right way to diversify – and it’s not the way all the investors that lost tons over the past few years did it!—It’s the way the wealthy do it…the same people that not only didn’t lose a cent the past few years, but made a mint! (see how you can diversify this way on page 15)
Why most people miss the boat when they buy life insurance – If they just made sure their policy had a couple of features, it could save them thousands in taxes. (see page 12)
Use the technique it’s said Walt Disney used to build Disneyland – to build your own 6 digit retirement income… by simply paying your bills differently… You won’t believe it until you see it… The way you think about bill time will change forever (it’ll put a smile on your face!) (go to page 6 find out how to use this surprisingly simple technique virtually anyone can use)
These special dividends give you more benefits than those of bonds or stocks – they grow tax-free and they’re guaranteed to grow every year. (See page 12)
If You Don’t Take advantage of this tool this year… your family could be facing millions in taxes. But by acting now you could be grandfathered in (see page 16) note to self – talk in congress about taxing death benefits above $1 million to raise additional revenue
How using S.L.I.R.P. can guarantee your retirement income —Hint: it’s the same simple plan used by highly paid professionals (like doctors) to guarantee their retirement income… and it’s available to you too…if you know how where to get it. (Found on page 11)
Tired of the banks paying out huge bonuses…with our money! – Use this tool and you’ll do two things:
  • You’ll hurt them where they feel it the most …in their pocket books
  • But more importantly — You’ll be taking money that used to go to the banks and instead grow your own net worth exponentially! (see how on page 7)
How to turn the act of purchasing your next car—Into the one transaction that will GUARANTEE your retirement income… What does purchasing a car have to do with guaranteeing your retirement? (find out on page 9)

CAUTION: These things will only work for you if:

  • You Have the discipline to save on a regular basis
  • You are the type of person that likes to have control of your assets
  • You have the patience to invest an hour or two learning about techniques that the rich have been using to build their family’s wealth for decades – Hint: They haven’t been using mutual funds!

But if you are willing to invest just an hour or two learning how these things work You’ll:

  • Never again pay a cent of interest to a bank, car company or credit card
  • You’ll stop losing money in the stomach dropping stock market
  • Have virtually a tax-free retirement
  • Have guarantees and safety nets in place to give you peace-of-mind…regardless of what’s happening in the markets or economy
  • Have the money you need to fund college for you kids… or buy that vacation home

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